Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Alpha and Omega;
         Know what I am?
         No permutational stringing of characters
                may fully describe divine being -
A to Z:
          Know your way around?
          No list of streets or indexed maps
                 define the pilgrim path -
Aleph, Beth, Gimel:
          Know the mathematical infinities?
          No measure even they
                 of redeeming grace -
Alpha and Omega…
A to Z…
Alphabets proliferate -
          Yet impotent all to measure faith
          As at Babel, all unable to comprehend -
And yet…
Alf, and Beth, and so many more
          Know me quite well,
          Tread with familiarity the pilgrim path,
          and are, by unspeakable grace, redeemed.

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