Saturday, 30 November 2013


The publication of the Pilling Report signals the beginning of an important period of listening and conversation in and by the Church of England about relationships - a period during which there will need to be some seriously gracious listening and careful reflection. As with this comment, which is personal, we need to be careful in distinguishing between what we individually may feel or believe and what can in any sense be owned as common or shared belief. I was particularly drawn by the remarks of the Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson, on his blog where he writes: "I have been asked by various people, however, for some resources to inform, enrich and enlarge intelligent conversations on this subject. Such conversations carry their own risks. It can exacerbate the problem when straight twosomes talk, even well-meaningly, about gay people rather than with them. I also realise how weird it seems to the majority of people younger than me who have sorted this subject and moved on that we are still talking about it at all. They feel as though they had strayed into a Saudi discussion of whether women should be allowed to drive."

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